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Animal Pests Diggings Holes In Home's Lawn

fort lauderdale florida armadillos

Lawn Digging in Miami / Fort Lauderdale is usually caused by Armadillo or Moles
Pest armadillos dig up two kinds of holes. They create burrows to crawl into and shelter themselves from the sun during the day.  And these pest critters dig shallow, conical holes as they search for grubs to eat. Most armadillo burrows that people find are not currently filled with an armadillo as these critters have many, many burrows across many properties and are usually not in the burrow you find.

   Photographs of Armadillo Holes or Burrows

animal digging pest fort lauderdale animal removal
armadillo trapper how to catch armadillos

Armadillo burrows are large enough, about 8 inches in diameter,  for a person to easily stick their hand into. But blindly sticking your hand into a hole, however, is a very bad plan - as snakes love to reside into these burrows to get out of the Florida sun.  When you find an animal dug hole on your lawn, the 1st step is to see if the hole is active.  Do this by filling the hole back up with soil, just kicking back in the surrounding dirt will suit this purpose.  If the Fort Lauderdale armadillo has left the area, the hole will stay shut.  If its an active hole, the armadillo burrow will be opened up again over the next week. If the digging is troublesome and you are worried about your lawn or worried that the hole is disrupting a concrete foundation, your best bet is to trap for the critters.  Note the moth balls in the top left photo.  Many people use this 'armadillo deterrent' to keep armadillos away, but this does not work.

Armadillos have a  range of about eight residential properties and have many burrows, up to 15,  throughout this area.  These Fort Lauderdale pests dig and use many burrows.  Consequently the animal will probably not be in 'your' burrow when you find it.  And the armadillo may not return for a few days.  Trapping for armadillo removal is dependent on how active these animals are on your property.

   Photos of Armadillo Surface Digging - Ft. Lauderdale animal removal

 catching pest armadillos

Fort Lauderdale animal control

Armadillos can be very destructive to your property. The burrows under your house or patio can crack foundations or snap water pipes. They can destroy your lawn in only a few short nights while digging for food. Let our Fort Lauderdale armadillo removal team  safely catch the armadillos and take preventative measures so they don't return. Armadillo, snakes, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and rats are nuisance wildlife in our area that we deal with every day.  We are the armadillo control experts to call to stop the problem.

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