Rodents Or Squirrels In The Chimney or Home Fireplace

animal inside wall by the fireplace?  how to remove this critter - Miami, FL

animal removal fireplace

get rat, bats, birds, or squirrels out of fireplace chimney in Fort Lauderdale / Miami Florida

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   Animal In The Chimney / Fireplace - How To Remove?

All of the small critters that our Ft Lauderdale animal removal company deals with, rats, chimney swifts, bats, and squirrels can all enter an open chimney cap. Most chimney caps in Florida protect the main chimney flue and keep animals from descending directly down through the fireplace. But most chimney caps leave the outer flue open. The outer flue leads to a blind area with no way out for the critters.  Squirrels, especially juvenile squirrels, frequently lose control and fall down into this tight spot and cannot crawl back out.  The space where animals fall down to from the outer flue cannot be opened from the fireplace.  The only way to get the animals out is to give the critter something it can use to climb out on its own.

squirrel inside chimney The Miami squirrel sits at the edge of the outer flue in this chimney cap.

If the rodent goes down, it will need help getting back out.

How To Remove Squirrels From The Home Chimney

squirrel problem boca raton
The photo shows a  typical chimney cap covering.  The main flue, the one that opens inside the house, is protected. But the outer flue is open and Fort Lauderdale critters can fall down there to their doom.  Chimney caps come in many varieties.  Squirrels enjoy the complicated ones with many levels like above because the rats or squirrels can use the cap to nest and get out of the weather.  When Ft. Lauderdale squirrels nest there, they put their juvenile litter in danger of falling down the outer flue.

critters in attic
To get the squirrels out of the fireplace, our squirrel experts drops thick, coarse rope down the outer flue. Now its up to the squirrel. Most squirrel in fireplace jobs require dropping a rope within 2 days of first hearing the stuck animal. Any later than 48 hours, the pest animal will probably be too weak to climb out and will die in the outer flue space.  If an animal dies in this space, the body cannot be removed and the odor can last for up to a week.

Squirrel trapper fort lauderdale
Expert Boca Raton trapper with a juvenile squirrel pulled out of home.  This Boca Raton squirrel rested on the animal control officer's rope as he pulled it up from the fireplace.

animal removal expert
With the rodent removed, the chimney cap is screened to prevent future entry.  This repair means this problem could never recur.  They will not need our Fort Lauderdale animal removal service again for problems with animals getting in to the chimney.


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rats in the chimney 

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Rodents In The Fireplace or Chimney of the Home - get the critter out before its too late!:
Our squirrel removal company is prepared to handle squirrel problems wherever they may be.  If your chimney has holes or open vents, it is common for a squirrel to move in.  Stopping and preventing these pest animals from moving in should be your first priority. Our rodent control team can assist you in removing squirrels and will discourage them from re-entering.  If the squirrel is above the damper, you can hang a  thick rope down past the chimney cap. The squirrel will usually climb the rope and leave the chimney.  Above the damper is an area that an animal falls into when it goes down the outer flue of the chimney cap.  Squirrels love nesting around complex chimney caps as it provides some shelter from the rain.  But their young in particular can accidentally step out of the nest and drop down 20 feet with no way to climb out.  Call our squirrel experts to remove these squirrel in the fireplace problems!



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