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Animal scratching inside wall? - Miami, Florida

animals scratching inside wall
This Miami customer detected scratching noises consistently from one spot in the home wall for the two days. Most scratching noises heard inside the wall are made by rats roof rats who are running freely up and down the wall and going back into the attic.. Occasionally, an animal, usually a baby possum or baby squirrel, falls down the wall and gets stuck, and now can't get out. This Miami animal removal problem happens mostly during the busiest animal mating months.

squirrels down a wall
The drywall of the Miami house is cut into above the animal sound. The most important part is to cut shallowly and not risk cutting into electric wires, to cut the hole in the right area between the wall studs and make the cut large enough the first time, and to cut neatly to allow an easy patch up.

Miami wildlife control photo
For this animal problem in Miami, Florida, the customer had trapped the mother possum, but didn't know that there were any babies left behind.  Call an animal trapper gives the wildlife the best chance to be removed together!

possum removal
After the animals in the wall were removed, the home was trapped for to make sure there were no more animals in the home attic.

    Wildlife Patrol is a animal removal pest control service in Miami, Florida. Our animal trappers take into account the rights of animals and do everything we can to stress the Miami animals as little as possible. Our wildlife removal team do not harm any animals such as raccoons, rats, birds, bats or other types of critter pests. Our Hialeah trappers use professional traps with delicious baits that captures the animal. Once captured all animals are safely relocated or removed into the wilderness away from houses. We provide service for Miami-Dade County, and Broward County. Our animal control service extends from Hialeah to West Palm Beach.

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