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Trap and Remove Problem Armadillos

trap armadillo removal How to trap for Florida armadillo    
Hollywood, Florida armadillos cannot be baited or lured into a trap because their food is everywhere!. Hollywood armadillos do not respond to bait.  Learn the trapping methods to use to catch and remove armadillo..
miami armadillo control Armadillo Trapping and Removal Photos    
The Wildlife Patrol armadillo photo gallery has some of our best photos of this Hollywood critter that we've taken over the years of providing Florida wildlife control.
stop armadillo by trapping Signs of Armadillo Digging Activity     
Armadillo dig 2 kinds of holes - shallow feeding holes and deeper shelter holes. The shelter holes are armadillo burrows and can extend up to 25 feet. The surface holes are cone-shaped and dug as the critter searches for grubs.
wildlife removal Boca Raton Removing and Preventing Armadillos   
Wildlife Patrol removes Fort Lauderdale armadillos through trapping and by hand if they are on site when our trappers arrive.  Armadillos are not a dangerous animal, but searching their burrows can be dangerous if other pest animals, such as diamondback rattlesnakes - reside in their burrow.  

Stop Armadillo Digging Through Trapping & Removal

Armadillos distress Florida homeowners with their digging talents. Neat lawn one day... ugly holes the next. Armadillos rip up fresh sod in their pursuit of grubs. These Coral Springs critters dig burrows for temporary shelter. If the burrow extends under a building, the concrete foundation may be stressed. Use a large raccoon size cage trap to remove unwanted armadillos from lawns, gardens, orchards, golf courses and other areas. These armadillo traps are most effective when "wings", or temporary fencing, are added to direct the armadillo into the trap. Set the traps in the area where the damage is occurring, for example, around the house, in the flower garden, or in the vegetable garden. The trap can be used to capture and relocate armadillos. Follow the links above to learn more and see why our company provides the best Fort Lauderdale armadillo control.
Fort Lauderdale Armadillo Pic

                Armadillo & Animal Trapping

animal removal in Hollywood 

     Fort Lauderdale:  954-607-7702


Stop Animals Digging Up Lawn - Coral Springs Armadillo Removal:
Armadillos cause digging damage to landscape areas such as the lawn, parks, and golf courses. This damage is due to this mammal's diet of insects living underground. While digging and searching for food, an Florida armadillo can tear up turf, digging small to medium holes or large burrows. Miami residents who spend many hours creating a nice lawn do not appreciate their grassy front yard becoming a mine field! These Fort Lauderdale pests can also cause great damage to fruit trees. The burrows (which can be up to 25 feet deep) often disturb the root systems of trees and shrubs. The animal's burrowing activity also damages concrete slabs, making pockets beneath the concrete that weakens the foundation of homes. Homes built off-grade are not immune to armadillo problems.  Their tunnels help create water run-off problems and often cause flooding beneath homes.  These critters need to be trapped and removed to stop them.



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