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South Florida Snake Control - Boca Raton, Coral Springs

fort lauderdale snake logo Snake Removal     Snakes get into garage and home attic on occasion. The best way to get rid of snakes is to get an Fort Lauderdale snake removal expert directly out to the property while the snake is in sight.
Florida snake removal Florida Venomous / Poisonous Snakes     There are 6 specie of venomous snakes present in Florida. In greater Fort Lauderdale, only 4. Click here to see pictures of these species.
snake prevention repellent Preventing Snakes     Snakes are hard to keep off a property completely. But there are several steps a homeowner can take to make their land as snake-unfriendly as possible. Fort Lauderdale snakes can be deterred to a degree.

Nuisance Problems Caused by Snakes

Snakes are a common presence in Fort Lauderdale. These reptiles thrive in the humid climate of  Florida. Some people have irrational fears (ophidiophobia) of these critters.

The best step to take for Fort Lauderdale Snake Control is to learn about the 4 venomous species in our area. If you can identify these on sight, then every other snake you see, you will know it is not dangerous. Follow the links below to learn more and see why our company provides the best snake removal in Fort Lauderdale.

Miami Florida Snake Image

Snake Problems: The primary problem snakes cause is provoking fear in people with phobias of snakes. It's a common fear, and many people have no idea what a poisonous snake looks like compared to a non-venomous snake.  Fort Lauderdale snakes inhabit different habitats, and often around human buildings. Miami snakes get into pools, screened porches, and the house. Snakes need only a very small opening to get into a home.

How To Get Rid Of Snakes?  If there's snake outside on your property, you should leave it alone as it will probably move elsewhere. If you see it habitually and really desire Fort Lauderdale snake control, then you can call our trappers and have it removed. If the snake is inside your house, don't try to catch it - most cases of snake bite actually occur when a person is trying to kill or catch a snake. Leave it alone, or isolate it if possible. A wildlife control expert should perform the snake removal if the snake isn't able to be identified.

Using Repellents:   The effectiveness of snake repellents is uncertain at best.  It may help a little bit, but for most people it's just as well to not litter the lawn with snake deterrents sold.   If you have had a snake inside your house, its best to call a wildlife trapper to find and seal the home entry points.





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